Critical reception – Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries originally got mixed reviews, which through the course of the show developed considerably. Metacritic gave the show a Metascore of 50 (out of 100) based on 22 critical reviews, symbolizing “mixed or average reviews” Entertainment Weekly gave the pilot a B+, saying that the show “signals a pleasant return to form for writer-producer Kevin Williamson.”

.” Analyst, Ken Tucker, ended his review by writing that “Diaries promises us a period of sharp-tongued amusement. “Linda Stasi of the New York Post gave the premiere a comprehensive score, saying that she was “hooked after one episode.” Stasi approved the pacing of the episode and the “vicious, bloody vamp action,” which “starts in the beginning scene and extends throughout The Vampire Diaries with such ferocity and speed that it’s truly scary.” Conversely, San Francisco Chronicle’s, Tim Goodman, gave the episode a highly critical review, calling the series “awful.” Goodman disliked the conversation and hoped that the extras on Buffy the Vampire Slayer would “return en masse to eat the cast of Vampire Diaries, plus any remaining scripts.”

Many TV critics felt the series developed with each episode. Sarah Hughes of The Independent says The Vampire Diaries turns into “a well-crafted, interestingly developed series” despite a poor opening episode. The New York Post also praised the portrayal of Elena, getting the personality to be a strong-minded woman who did not allow her emotions for her boyfriend to examine her. Karla Peterson of The San Diego Union-Tribune said that “the supernatural drama is a first-class production, featuring an insanely gorgeous cast, sharp scripts, and a brooding vibe that is hard for even the most levelheaded adult to resist. “Mike Hale of The New York Times gave the series a proud mention on his list of the top TV shows of 2009.

The show’s second season started to positive reviews from licensed television critics as it received a 78/100 score on Metacritic. As the series advanced and expanded into the third season, critics praised the descriptions of the main characters and the evolution of the female characters such as Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev, Bonnie Bennett played by Kat Graham, and Caroline Forbes played by Candice King.

The third-season finale, “The Departed,” received critical acclaim. Diana Steenbergen of IGN praised the episode and the writers for making up a couple of storylines and making all of them come to a head. She also praised Dobrev’s appearance in this episode, discussing her performance as another object the last publication from Meredith was more surprising and believable. Similarly, Mandi Bierly of Entertainment Weekly review praised the writer’s skills in performing the more stunning concluding twist.